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Labeling of product information

The products of the Group are all clearly labeled in accordance with client demands and/or the relevant regulations:

Ta Ya Energy & Telecom Cable Business Group

The labeling includes company information (such as company name, address, phone number, and client name); product information (such as type of wire: purpose, materials, and composition); specifications (length and weight); quantity; date of manufacture; product certification (such as the CNS mark, the Twin Dragon mark, the Commodity Inspection Certificate by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection); eco-labeling; and the RoHS Directive. This ensures that clients fully understand the information about the supplier and the safe use of the product, and that the product is appropriately processed after its lifetime to minimize environmental impact. All products are made primarily using materials that are friendly to the environment.

Ta Ya Magnet Wires Business Group

The Company complies with several package labeling and product validation systems, such as: ISO9001, OHSAS18001, ISO14001, TOSHMS, IECQ QC080000, TS16949, ISO/IEC 17025.

Ta Ya New Business Development, Investment and Copper Management BusinessGroup

All products are labeled with digital tags, which contain information such as wire category, size, quantity, manufactured date, expiry date etc. the Company complies with several package labeling and product validation systems, such as: ISO9001, TS16949, and ISO14001. Products have been made to comply with EU’s RoHs Directives as requested by customers and the laws of the destination country. Currently, 100% of products and services offered by the Company need to conform with the directive.


The products are all labeled where appropriate with mark, cable type, specifications, weight, date of manufacture, batch number, and the assertion seal. Products are also labeled as per customer demands and export requirements, such as the RoHS label as required by the EU.

Ta Heng

Solar power cables have been certified by TUV Rheinland and UL . As a priority, products are made using materials that are friendly to the environment, produced in compliance with international rules on hazardous substances, and labeled RoHS, REACH etc where appropriate. Network cables are produced according to ANSI TIA-EIA 568 C2 and have passed UL certification. The product, the label and the packaging have all been labeled clearly in compliance with UL rules.


Power cable-related products and packaging are labeled according to customers’ and legal requirements. The label contains information such as company profile (company name, address and phone number), customer’s name, equipment description, cable specification, name of power line, packing size, weight, date of manufacture etc. Some consumables used for constructions are labeled hazardous as required by rules.

Dong Nai

Power cable products and packaging are labeled according to customers’ and legal requirements. The labeled details include: company profile - company name, address, contact number etc; product information - cable type (voltage, material composition), size, quantity (length, weight), date of manufacture etc; product certification – TCVN mark, Dragon mark, test mark, environmental protection mark, RoHS, ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 certification, and National Quality Award of Vietnam. Magnet wires are labeled with all of the information mentioned above in addition to ISO/TS 16949 quality management system for automobiles.

Hai Duong

Power cable products and packaging are labeled according to customers’ and owners’ requirements. QC and reel labels: The labels contain the name, address, phone number, and email address of the company; product information; wire information (voltage, thread); quantity (length, weight); manufacturing date and production journal number; product certification information; applicable international/local standard; Dragon brand and QC inspection stamp. Wood reel: printed with the name of the company

Quality Assurance

We uphold an ethos of “quality first, client first, speedy service” in providing the best service to our customers.。Ta Ya Energy and Telecom Cable Business Group owns various types of cutting-edge precision testing equipment in the world, including: HAEFELY lightning voltage analog testing equipment; high pressure (EHV) power system switch surge simulation equipment; AC-DC high voltage damage test equipment; prolonged (high voltage, high current, high temperature) accelerated aging testing equipment; partial discharge non-destructive testing equipment; high pressure test site, network analyzer; communications cable near/farend cross talk high-frequency testers; various fiber optic cable property test equipment (such as optical-time domain reflecto-meter OTDR, polarization mode dispersion analyzer PMD, geometric characteristics meter); low-smoke and non-toxic laboratory; and a variety of heat/ flame-resistant testing equipment. Aided with professional knowledge and continuous enhancement of the assessment technique, we are able to reduce the product malfunctioning rate, expand cable lifespans, and improve electrical safety. The Magnet Wires Business Group has the first lab to pass the CNLA ISO/IEC 17025 test. All the products meet the EU RoHs requirements and make a contribution to the reduction of the environmental load and possible hazards to human bodies.

Supplier CSR assessment

Ta Ya’s suppliers are not required for review or self-evaluation, provided that they are ISO9000-certified and annually submit valid certification. However, to enhance CSR, we propose and execute review plans. Due to the QC080000 certification, suppliers of the enameled wire business group are required to comply with the Hazardous Substance Free (HSF) standards and provide HSF products. Therefore, suppliers of HSF materials are required to be reviewed or self-evaluated annually. Of the non-HSF suppliers, those who provide essential materials are required to be reviewed regularly.

There are 14 criteria in the CSR review, each accounting for five points. Suppliers with an average of less than four points are considered unqualified. The criteria include: human rights, workplace safety, anti-corruption, anti-bribery, regular work hours, minimum wage compliance, active environmental responsibilities, environmental protection, and prevention of occupational hazards.

For suppliers with an average score of less than 4, the procurement staff is required to investigate individual areas where suppliers failed to score 4 or higher. Furthermore, suppliers are given relevant information and proper guidance to improve. These suppliers have demonstrated improvement after our guidance efforts. Although contractors are not subject to regular assessment at this point, Ta Ya would invite contractors to participate in general safety trainings from time to time as a means of promoting proper safety and health awareness. Ta Ya encourages all its business partners to voluntarily contribute to the sustainability of our society and environment during their pursuit for economic gains.

We assessed 31 suppliers in 2015 and 26 of them were HSF suppliers. All the suppliers had an average score of more than 4 points (full score: 5 points) in terms of corporate social responsibilities. 33 suppliers were assessed in 2016 and 25 of them were HSF suppliers. All the suppliers had an average score of more than 4 points in terms of corporate social responsibilities 34 suppliers are expected to be assessed in 2017 and 25 of them are HSF suppliers. In the order and the supplier review form, we request the suppliers to observe our environmental policy and respect our CSR with respect to the ESH, human rights and anti-corruption activities. The purchase personnel of the Company will investigate to understand why the CSR score in the supplier assessment is less than 4 points, if any. They will share experiences with the suppliers, provide relevant references, and give positive guidance to ensure taking the corporate social responsibility together with the suppliers. As for other affiliated enterprises, Cuprime will also start supplier CSR management in 2017 after introducing the EICC standard.