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In the book “Sapiens (From Animals into Gods): A Brief History of Humankind”, the author talks about topics from the cognitive revolution, agricultural revolution, and scientific revolution to globalization and AI. Do we understand ourselves? What do we actually want to have? What do we want to become?

Are more people benefiting from the evolution of human beings? Though I am not sure, I do believe that human beings have the capabilities of introspection and self-correction. 2016 was the year of breakthroughs and transition in terms of sustainable development. The “Paris Agreement” reflects the consensus eventually achieved by different countries in the world in December 2015 to“ control the rise of the global average temperature under 2℃ above the level before the industrial revolution, and make efforts to control the rise of the temperature within 1.5℃ above the level before industrialization.” In Taiwan, President Tsai has declared achieving “the goal of 20% renewable energy before 2025” in different occasions, and, suddenly, photovoltaics, off-shore wind energy, and green energy building have become the focus in the conversation of people.

It is very clear that no enterprise shall develop at the cost of the environment. Ta Ya Group have defined “Enlightened Employees, Satisfied Customers, Positive Shareholders, and Pristine Homeland” as our missions since 2010. They are not used to create a positive corporate image but an interactive agreement between our business activities and the more extensive social needs.

Whether our values are actually recognized or suspected by the employees, customers, shareholders, or the public depends on how we put them into practice.

We have taken energy-saving and emission-reduction measures for many years. All of our business entities were requested to define their medium-term and long-terms goals in 2015 to“ reduce the emission by 5% in 2020 in comparison with 2015 as the baseline.” We have started to apply for a green mark for our Guanmiao Factory. It is expected to acquire the Clean Production certificate in 2017 and the Green Building certificate in 2018. Cuprime, an affiliate of the Group, successfully introduced the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) in 2016. It supplemented and amended internal regulations and enhanced the management system to act as a model for other business entities.

We are the leading company of the industry in the introduction of the supplier CSR assessment system. Since 2018, the strategy map of the Group will ask all business entities to incorporate communication with stakeholders (including customers, employees, suppliers/contractors, communities, and government agencies), request more interaction through surveys and interviews, and give reasonable responses to their feedback.

The Ta Ya Group is developed in close relationship with the construction of energy facilities in Taiwan. In February 2016, Tainan City‘ s first enterprise PV plant started its operation on the roof of our Guanmiao headquarters in. It achieves a total capacity of 2.89MW. Cuprime also finished the construction of a solar power system with a capacity of 390 KW in July of the same year. A total capacity of 50MW is expected to be achieved before 2020 with supply of the electricity from the power systems on the roofs of other plants. As for the offshore wind energy, a renewable energy of higher potential, we joined the alliance of the W-Team and are the first cable manufacturer that has invested in the development of inner array grid cables, export cables, and dynamic cables to grasp the important opportunities in the development of the offshore wind farm. As a connector of energies in the past, we are now the provider of energy and are committed to becoming a storage solution provider in the future.

What deserves to be mentioned is that President Tsai visited our headquarters at the end of 2016 and highly recognized our green products and environment-friendly electricity generation systems. As a senior corporate citizen that has just celebrated its 60th anniversary, we are so honored and very proud of her visit. This indicates that we are responding to the challenge while grasping the opportunities of the epoch. Ta Ya is a member of both the Taiwan Team and World Team in the solution of the environmental problems left during the development of the old industries.