The Magnet Wire Business Group has three offices located at Guanmiao, Kunshan, and Changan to deliver to the needs of customers in Taiwan and China. Its "Dragon" brand of magnet wires has been sold locally and abroad for more than 40 years. The group's extensive production experience has enabled it to develop magnet wires, flat wires and TILWs of different characteristics that are widely used for industrial activities, consumer products, automobiles, electromechanical equipment, and electronics. In addition, the Company has the capability to customize products and services to customers' satisfaction and quality expectations. In July 2013, Guanmiao Office passed TAF assessment and obtained certification for its testing laboratory (name of laboratory: "Ta Ya Quality Testing Laboratory"; certificate number: 2750). Later that year, it received "ILAC Laboratory Combined MRA MARK" issued by TAF.

  • Ta Ya Quality Testing Laboratory conducts tests for the following products: enameled copper and aluminum wires, triple insulation wires, and bare hard/soft copper wires.
  • Test standards include:CNS 8938, JCS334A, UL2353 and many others.

       Ta Ya Quality Testing Laboratory has passed the capacity assessment of TAF, and is certified to be technologically comparable to 81 certified laboratories in 67 countries. Passing certification is the first step towards quality assurance. The laboratory upholds the ISO/IEC17025 spirit and delivers trusted test results through professional practice, thereby helping the Company accomplish various commitments made as part of its quality policy.

       ILAC Laboratory Combined MRA MARK is a certification issued to enhance the credibility of laboratories certified by International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC). TAF, being a member of the mutual acknowledgment agreement signed with ILAC, is authorized to make use of ILAC Laboratory Combined MRA MARK, and may authorize its certified laboratories to print this mark on issued reports.