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Business Activities and Responsibilities

Ta Ya’s “Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Practice” was passed by the Board of Directors in August 2015 to provide foundation for the group’s sustainability management. The Head Office has assigned dedicated staff to execute corporate social responsibility tasks. CSR progress is reported during monthly “management meetings” and escalated to the Board of Directors along with suggested solutions. The Group CSR Committee is chaired by the General Manager of Ta Ya’s Head Office. The purpose of the CSR Committee is to perform thorough analysis of corporate activities so that the Company is aware of its responsibilities to stakeholders and society, and may take steps toward maximizing positive influences while minimizing negative impacts.

Stakeholders Engagement

Ta Ya Group believes that communicating with its stakeholders aids in understanding everyone’s viewpoints on relevant topics and aids in providing proper responses and measures, which is the basis for CSR implementation. Therefore, we identify and determine key CSR topics via the following steps, and evaluate the relevant topics from the stakeholders with industry experts and the various units.

Stakeholders and Materiality

Category Concerned issues Method of communication Frequency
Employees/union Employees' health and safety
Talent recruitment and retention
Talent training and education
Harmony of labor-management relations
Labor-management meetings
1 time/year
Customer Customer relationship management
Product credibility and quality
Win-win relationship
Customer service hot lines
Project managers
depending on requirement
depending on project volume
Government agencies Compliance
Pollution prevention
Harmony of labor-management relations
Environmental product certification
Environmental awards
2~3 times/year
1~2 times/year
by award count
Suppliers/contractors Supplier management
Win-win relationship
Audits unscheduled
Community Corporate citizenship and charity
Pollution prevention
Participation in community activities/donations unscheduled
Investors/banks Corporate governance
Investor relations
Investor seminars
Shareholder meetings
2 times/year
1 time/year

Materiality Analysis

Materiality analysis in this report was conducted by way of electronic questionnaire, issued to all members of the CSR Committee in the first quarter of 2017. The questionnaire contained 27 topics that were of concern to outside stakeholders and relevant to the group’s core operations. By comparing “level of stakeholders’ concern” against “extent of impact,” a total of 15 material topics were identified for the report. Material topics are disclosed for relevant entities within the group, including the management approach taken and the outcome. Some of the entities that were not disclosed in this report may be disclosed

Communication contact information

Spokesperson Acting Spokesperson Shareholding
Name Chen Chung-Kuang Hung Chung-Ming KGI securitis
Position Bussiness Administration Group
General Manager
Finance Department Manager
Tel (06)5953131#250 (06)5953131#252 (02)23892999               
Energy&Telecom Cable Business Group
Magnet Wire Business Group
NIC Business Group
Name cheng Chi-Lin Lee Kuo-Jun JHUO JING-YAN
Position Marketing Director Manager Sales
Tel (02)22997070#780 (06)5953131#277 (02)22997070#711
Employee Supplier CSR
Name Hsieh Sung-Mao Lin Hui-Yeh Wu Tsai-Chen
Position Manager Manager Staff
Tel (06)5953131#240 (06)5953131#220 (02)22997070#705