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"Ta Ya Enterprise," the Company's former entity, was founded at Jiankang Road, Tainan City with a startup capital of NT$200,000 and a factory area of more than 990 square meters. Its main business activities included the production of cotton braided rubber wire, weather-proof wire, cotton braided wire, and electrical wire.
Changed name to "Ta Ya Enterprise Co., Ltd." and began production of high-voltage rubber cables with CNS mark.
Relocated to Songtsuo Industrial Zone at Renhe Road; factory expanded to more than 7,200 square meters of floor area. Changed name to "Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd." and introduced professional management practices.
Acquired equipment and constructed new factory site for the production of magnet wires.
Expanded factory area to 17,850 square meters. Introduced an electronic product line to support development of the countries' electronic industry. Products were later certified by UL (USA) and CSA (Canada).
Founded and invested in an affiliated enterprise named "Ta Heng Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd." that superseded Ta Ya in magnet wire production.
Introduced the latest CCV equipment from Europe to produce cross-linked PE cables, and obtained certification from Taiwan Power Company.
Obtained certification from Taiwan Power Company for 25kV XLPE power cables.
Introduced the latest PLCV equipment to produce high-quality ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) cables according to the standards of National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). These cables were used for power transmission and system control at nuclear power plant.
Acquired additional 56,000 square meters of land in Guanmiao for future relocation. Introduced the first computer-controlled vulcanizing high-voltage power cable manufacturing equipment from Finland. This equipment was used for the production of 69kV XLPE power cables for Taiwan Power Company and overseas markets.
Relocated headquarter to the new factory at Guanmiao. Completed trial run of the vulcanizing high-voltage power cable manufacturing equipment. The 69kV XLPE power cables produced were tested and passed by Taiwan Power Company for mass production.
Merged Ta Heng Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
Ta Ya shares were listed for trading on December 12.
Acquired land at Wugu Industrial Park, New Taipei City for the construction of Taipei Office, which was used as a warehousing center and an office building.
Mr. Shen Shang-Hung assumed the role of Executive Vice President.
Acquired the second power cable manufacturing unit to increase production capacity for power cables rated 69 kV and above.
Mr. Shen Shang-Pang assumed the role of Vice President.
Warehousing center and office complex completed at Taipei Office.
Obtained ISO-9001 certification for quality management.
「Work began on construction project - "Grand Asia" (Changrong Road, East District, Tainan City).
161kV high-voltage power cables passed tests by Taiwan Power Company.
Mr. Shen San Yi and Mr. Shen Shan-Tao were appointed special assistants of the Chairman.
Communication cables passed on-site test by the Directorate General of Telecommunications,
Constructed new factory for magnet wires, and relocated magnet wire production to Guanmiao Site.
Phase one construction of "Grand Asia" was completed and licensed for use.
Mr. Shen Shang-Hung assumed the role of President, while Mr. Shen San Yi  and Mr. Shen Shang-Tao assumed the role of Vice Presidents.
Acquired additional equipment to produce fiber optic cables.
Former President Shen Chin-Chen died at the age of 68.
Attained the eligibility to tender for the supply of 161kV high-voltage power cables.
Magnet wires passed QS 9000 certification.
Founded Taya Venture Capital Co., Ltd., with Mr. Shen Shang-Hung serving as the Chairman.
Magnet wire factory obtained ISO 9000 certification.
Acquired the third power cable manufacturing unit and began production of power cables rated 345 kV and above.
Passed Taiwan Power Company's assessment for instrument-use static-shielded control cables.
Began production of triple insulation wires.
Mr. Shen Tachih was promoted to group CEO, and business was succeeded by 2nd generation managers: Mr. Shen Shang-Hung for Chairman, Mr. Shen Shang-Pang for Vice Chairman, Mr. Shen San Yi for President, and Mr. Shen Shang-Tao for Vice President.
Laboratory passed and certified for CNLA(ISO17025).
Attained ISO14001 certification.
Obtained approval from National Fire Agency, Ministry of The Interior, for heat-resistant cables.
Magnet wire factory obtained ISO /TS 16949 certification in July.
Magnet wire factory passed certification for IECQ/QC-080000.
Began mass production of pure copper welding wires.
Founded Ta Ya United Constructions Co., Ltd. that specialized in telecommunication works. Mr. Shen San Yi served as Chairman while Mr. Wang Dingshu served as President of the company.
The organization underwent adjustment and was divided into: Telecommunications Business Group (Mr. Chen Mingde became the first general manager of the business group), Magnet Wires Business Group (Mr. Shen Shang-Hui became the first general manager of the business group), and NIC Business Group (Mr. Li Wenbing became the first general manager of the business group). 345kV XLPE power cables passed tests by Taiwan Power Company.
The Company's environmental-friendly power cables were certified by Environmental Protection
Administration, Executive Yuan, for Type I Eco Label.
Passed OHSAS18001 & TOSHMS (workplace safety and health management system).
69kV XLPE ant-resistant power cables passed tests by Taiwan Power Company.
The Company became Sony's Greenbook supplier of magnet wires and triple insulation wires.
Mr. Shen Shang-Tao was promoted to Executive Vice President. The organization underwent adjustment with the creation of an Administration Department (Madam Hong Yenhong became the first general manager of the department) and a Construction Business Group (Mr. Chiu Zhongren became the first general manager of the business group).
Completed carbon footprint statement for 161kV 2000mm2 power cables and triple insulation wires (0.6~1.0mm). The Company's "Green Wire" (environmental-friendly cable) won the "Green Classics Award" from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
During a meeting held in December, the board of directors passed the establishment of a Remuneration Committee.
Successfully developed palladium-coated copper wire.
A total re-election of directors and supervisors was held during the annual general meeting in June, and three independent director seats were added to the board. CEO Shen Tachin died at the age of 87.
Approvals sought from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the development of the following new products: 400kV enameled strand conductors, fiber optic composite power cables, and lead-shielded power cables.
NIC Business Group relocated to Dawan Site.
Ta Ya United Constructions underwent a reorganization, with Mr. Ye Yushan being appointed the company's second President.
Invested into a new company called "innerexile" that specializes in the design of electronic accessories for B2B and B2C.Established Green Inside, a non-profit foundation that promotes coexistence between human and the environment.
The magnet wire factory at Guanmiao received TAF ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory certification, which made Ta Ya the first wires and cables manufacturer to in Taiwan to receive this certification.
Began mass production of gold-palladium-plated copper wires.
Acquired one director seat in Jung Shing Wire Co., Ltd.
Obtained external assurance for ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and CNS 15506.
Commenced construction work for Qiaobei Project (Dongqiao 3rd Road, Yongkang District, Tainan City).
The Company won Taiwan Power Company's Construction Excellence Award for the long-distance 345kV 2500mm2 cables installed at Port of Kaohsiung.
Approval sought from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the support of "Renewable Energy Offshore Power Grid Research Project."
The Company's Flat Cable (flat fiber optic cable) was certified by Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, for Type I Eco Label.
The Company joined Hengs Technology Co., Ltd. to create a joint venture named Ta Ya Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which signified the Company's entry into the renewable energy business.
Received a rating of "Excellence" in Energy and Carbon Reduction Action.
Ranked top 20% in the First Corporate Governance Evaluation.
Kuan Miao solar power plant began operations.
Celebration of the company’s 60th anniversary with a fair held at Ta Ya’s Guanmiao HQ.
The Meinong Earthquake struck on February 6, 2016 with a magnitude of VI~VII on the Mercalli intensity scale in Guanmiao and Guiren Districts in Tainan. Ta Ya’s factory also sustained a number of damages in its facilities.Officially adopted a new CIS logo that features TAYA as its underlying structure, with strokes drawn in contours to resemble a dragon lifting its head.
The group started anew with its brand spirit of “Connecting Technology ‧ Onward to Sustainability”.
President Tsai Ying-Wen visited the company’s Guanmiao HQ and commended on Ta Ya Group’s outstanding green products and green power business.
Jointly established AMIT System Service Ltd. with Mobiletron, Taiwan Auto-Design, Lutron Industry and Universal Microelectronics to deliver professional motor design services.