The Energy & Telecom Cable Business Group consists of a Production Department, a Business Department and a Quality Assurance Department. Its key products include: power cables, communication cables, and fiber optic cables. All of which are necessities in the modern life. Ta Ya's focus on product innovation and quality enhancement has enabled it to develop 161KV and 345KV cross-linked PE power cables ahead of peers. Furthermore, Ta Ya has incorporated its care for the environment and people into product design, and introduced a series of low-smoke halogen-free power cables, heat-resistant power cables, and low-smoke zero-toxicity fiber optic cables and solar energy cables. With the launch of environmentally certified lead-free power cables in excess of EU standards, Ta Ya has once again proven its superiority over peers.
       Ta Ya also took the initiative to invest into the renewable energy business by establishing Ta Ya Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. In 2014, and has made plans to construct 50MW of solar energy capacity over a 5-year horizon. "Touch Solar Power" is the Company's first self-operated solar power plant. Constructed atop the roof of Ta Ya's Guanmiao headquarter, Touch Solar Powers' solar power plant offers a total capacity of 2.39MW, and when combined with the 499kW contributed from Ta Ya Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd, the Company expects to generate 3.61 million KWH of renewable energy, and reduce carbon by the amount of carbon absorption equivalent to approximately 5 Da'an Parks per year. It was the first commercial-grade enterprise solar power plant to be constructed in Tainan City. Currently, the Company is helping many Taiwanese businesses and institutions construct solar power plants using the PV-ESCO model. We invite businesses, organizations or even individuals to offer suitable rooftops or lands for solar power generation. In return, we guarantee 20 years of rental income among other benefits such as heat shield without the owner having to pay for the construction.