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產品名稱 : Green Wire 環保電纜

  • 600V EMIL Green 環保電纜
  • 600V EMCL Green 環保電纜
  • 2C-FL-NSS-BIBSM Fiber 環保扁平光纜

Ta Ya's Green Wire was officially listed on the Green Living Information Platform maintained by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Executive Yuan, in April 2008. Ta Ya was the first wires and cables manufacturer in Taiwan to be certified by the Environmental Protection Administration for Type I Eco Label In November 2014, the Company's flat fiber optic cable earned Type I Eco Label from Environmental Protection Administration, offering better and more environmental-friendly choices to consumers.

In response to Chairman Shen's advocacy and persistence towards environmental protection, the Telecommunications Business Group has committed full resources into making sure that products are developed in conformity with Type I Eco Label. Type I Eco Label imposes stringent standards that require product to be safe even when in contact with children's mouth, and the research and development team encountered many challenges when trying to choose the right materials and design the most suitable production process. Apart from choosing materials that contain no halogen and heavy metal, the Company has actively engaged suppliers to develop materials with extremely low amount of plasticizers, such as phthalates. After intensive brainstorming, the development team was able to isolate factors that were key to our goal. Additional budgets were made during this period, as we tried to speed up our progress. Under the combined efforts of the R&D team and the production unit, the Company was able to launch 600V EMIL Green Cable and 600V EMCL Green Cable in less than a year. From product development to label application, Ta Ya's Green Wire passed layers of tests and investigation by EPA's Environment and Development Foundation before finally obtaining Type I Eco Label in April 2008 (for official correspondence issued by EPA, Executive Yuan, please download here: 979716.pdf. Ta Ya's Green Wire can be found on the Executive Yuan's Greenliving Information Platform at: Ta Ya's Green Wire is free of halogen and highly fire-resistant. It produces very little smoke when burnt, and produces no hazardous substance such as dioxin and haloid acid.

Ta Ya's Green Wire poses no burden to Earth's environment, and has no adverse impact on human health. In light of the world's rising awareness towards environmental protection, Green Wire was launched at just the right time to offer consumers the safest and most comfortable alternative.

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