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       Mr. Tsai, Ming-Yi, the first Taiwanese player that participated in an international ironman competition, visited the TAYA Group Tainan Headquarters on September 2. Participation in international competitions abroad was difficult due to the pandemic this year, so he turned to road running around Taiwan with Mazu carried on his back.

        As this event was supported by TAYA Electric Wire & Cable, Mr. Tsai, Ming-Yi specially visited and gave 10 memorial running T-shirts of the event to TAYA. TAYA Energy & Telecom. Cable Business Group General Manager Mr. Chuang and Vice Director Mr. Kuo received him and accepted the running T-shirts on behalf of TAYA.

       「"A Trip across Taiwan for Spiritual Blessings" is an event hosted by the Luermen Shengmu (Mazu) Temple in Tainan. The temple keeper hopes to stop COVID-19 and avert disasters via this activity, praying that all beings in Taiwan are safe and sound. During the whole event, Taiwan Ironman Mr. Tsai, Ming-Yi carried a palanquin of the black-face Mazu (NO. 8) on his back and travels around the island by road running. The event is scheduled to take 21 days, being 1,139 km long in total.

       TAYA Electric Wire & Cable, encouraging employees to do exercise by holding an activity in which employees earn points by exercising and get more chance to win a bonus with more points collected, received Taiwan iSport Certification in 2019. In 2020, on the 65th anniversary of TAYA Group, a sports event for TAYA folks was held in the hopes of maintaining team coherence and improving everyone's health through interesting sports games.

        Information of the Road Running Event: