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       Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) and Tainan Yitsai Association (TYA) co-hosted the "Business Outlook and IR Forum and Investor Conferences" for the first time in Tainan on September 11. TAYA was invited to the event and had Business Administration Group Deputy General Manager and Spokesperson, Mr. Chen, Chung-Guang, attend the event on behalf of TAYA.

       TWSE stated that this time they hosted the forum and investor conferences together with TYA, which was the first time that both parties collaborated with each other and the first time the event was held in Tainan. The forum, focusing on the economic outlook and investor relations, took place in the morning, while the investor conferences took place in the afternoon.

       TAYA Group Business Administration Group Deputy General Manager and Spokesperson Mr. Chen, Chung-Guang, on behalf of TAYA, presented TAYA's financial results of the second quarter of this year to the investors in the third investor conference of that afternoon.

       During the conference, investors asked about the reasons of TAYA's recent rising stock. Mr. Chen, Chung-Guang replied that the main reason might be that more institutional investors and retail investors were participating, and that as this year is the first year of brand communication for the TAYA Group, TAYA has made use of multiple ways to let a big range of investors learn more about TAYA and recognize TAYA's value.