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        In Taiwan many electronic businesses have, in their various phases, invested in the hardware development of the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) sector. Yet, Ta Ya Venture Capital considers that only with adequate application sectors in place will the market accept such new products. iStaging Corp., a joint investment by Ta Ya Venture capital with the National Development Fund, is soon to start a long-term partnership with Yung Ching Realty Group to utilize the latest Mixed Reality (MR) technology and bring to consumers a brand new experience of the Smart Life.
       Ta Ya Venture Capital has been following Taiwan’s electronic industry with keen interest over an extensive period of time. Ta Ya has discovered that although many new start-up companies have entered the hardware development of the AR/VR territory and its ensuing marketing and promotion, if there is no suitable applications lined up, the market will find it hard to accept such new products in spite of huge marketing budget investments, regardless of how the cost can be lowered or product performance be upgraded. As such, for a joint investment with the National Development Fund, Ta Ya opts for iStaging Corp., a company with in-house know-how and platform operations concepts.Following its signing of a Letter of Intent this February with IMAR Urban Consultants, a renowned city planning company in Saudi Arabia, iStaging Corp. received avid interest from Yung Ching Realty Group and both parties will together employ the latest MR technology, combined with AR & VR strengths, to bring to its customers a brand new MR Smart Life experience.
In the press release, aided with MR glasses, one sees for-sale items and realistic street landscapes with real-time interactive connections, and all relevant information in the surrounding neighborhood will appear one by one, enabling one to get a full sense of the neighborhood ambience. Sun Qing-Yu, Chairman of Yung Ching Realty Group states, “To help consumers make their best decisions, Yung Ching launches the MR Smart Life service, which allows consumers to have a realistic experience (of a new environment) while sitting at home.”
       iStagingJohnny Lee, CEO of iStaging Corp. says, “MR technology, combined with AR and VR applications, will propel the virtual and the realistic towards a further advanced union, where the virtual and the realistic will not only co-exist, but generate real-time interaction, and as a result, create a simulated user experience. We are confident that this collaboration with Yung Ching will set a classic example for global innovative MR applications.”

Attending the press conference are Shen Shang-Hung, Chairman of Ta Ya Venture Capital Co., Ltd., (2nd from the front right) and Johnny Lee, CEO of iStaging Corp. (middle in the front row) and Sun Qing-Yu, Chairman of Yung Ching Realty Group.